MD_MAX72xx LED Matrix Arduino Library  3.2.2
Library to control connected MAX72XX devices as a pixel array
Software Library

The Library

The library implements functions that allow the MAX72xx to be used for LED matrices (64 individual LEDs), allowing the programmer to use the LED matrix as a pixel device, displaying graphics elements much like any other pixel addressable display.

In this scenario, it is convenient to abstract out the concept of the hardware device and create a uniform and consistent pixel address space, with the libraries determining device and device-element address. Similarly, control of the devices should be uniform and abstracted to a system level.

The library still retains flexibility for device level control, should the developer require, through the use of overloaded class methods.

Conditional Compilation Switches

The library allows the run time code to be tailored through the use of compilation switches. The compile options start with USE_ and are documented in the section related to the main header file MD_MAX72xx.h.

NOTE: Compile switches must be edited in the library header file. Arduino header file 'mashing' during compilation makes the setting of these switches from user code completely unreliable.