Parola for Arduino 3.7
Text effects for LED Matrix modular hardware
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The Parola Library

The Parola library is implemented to work with the MD_MAX2XX library. It depends on the MD_MAX72xx library for hardware control and will run on all hardware supported by that library. The MD_MAX72XX library can be found here.

This software library implements functions to simplify the implementation of text special effects on the Parola display.

  • Left, right or center text justification in the display field.
  • Text scrolling, text entering and exit effects.
  • Control display parameters and animation speed.
  • Multiple virtual displays (zones) in each string of LED modules.
  • User defined fonts and/or individual characters substitutions.
  • Double height and vertical displays.
  • Support for mixing text and graphics on the same display.

The latest copy of the Parola Library can be found at the Parola distribution site.

System Components

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